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The Snow Queen
The Stables, Milton Keynes

 It's a pacy production, switching easily from narrative 
to action, comedy, to comedy and tense drama .....
If you want a big, brash, blousy commercial Christmas 
panto then head to Milton Keynes Theatre.  But if you 
want something a little more imaginative and subtle then 
the Snow Queen wins hands down."   
Leighton Buzzard Advertiser

Poor Ted 
OnO Theatre Company, West Sussex Schools Tour

"A very powerful piece of drama - handled well. Messages conveyed
 successfully to the students."

"All year 6 teachers thought the afternoon performance was excellent, particularly 
thought it was provoking for our children."

"Many thanks, we have a number of vunerable children in this area: issues very 
relevent to making choices and peer pressure."

"thoughtful portrayal of real issues of bullying.  Hot seating very realistic. 
Children very caught up with performance - some powerful messages."

Watermill Theatre, Newbury, CHRISTMAS 2006

“Christmas shows have become so sophisticated these days that it is a pleasure to be offered some simple, unaffected theatrical magic, and an uncomplicated morality tale about keeping faith with your beliefs. Hans Christian Andersen’s take on Nordic mythology is refreshingly unfamiliar territory, and the Watermill has added its customary twist of finding a cast who make their own music. A cellist Snow Queen and a Granny who plays drums are just part of the enchantment on offer to five-year-olds and up.”  3***   SUNDAY TIMES


“Squeals of both fright and delight from Saturday nights’ young audience signaled a thumbs-up for The Watermill’s Christmas show The Snow Queen. … Their journey became a hilarious fright night of trolls and robbers, with a surprise that caught us all out and made rows of bottoms leap up from their seats. …..The Snow Queen had snowflakes, catchy tunes, and a satisfied sigh of “aaahh” when all was set to rights.  It’s already so popular you’ll be lucky to find tickets”  NEWBURY WEEKLY NEWS  


“this is thoroughly enjoyable Christmas entertainment. 

…. As is now traditional at the Watermill, the versatile cast provide all the music on instruments ranging from a double bass to a washboard, as well as singing like angels”   THE OXFORD TIMES


“Compounding the Watermill’s experience of working with actor-musicians and exploring the use of music in its shows, Andy Brereton’s direction works powerfully with the original music of Janie Armour in this unique and inspiring production.”  THE STAGE


“ Powerful magic shot through with romantic images…. The audience when I saw the show was full of school children clearly mesmerised by the adaptation and collectively leaping out of their seats when the Troll appears from deepest mythology to confront the Berkshire tinies… There is plenty of humour and the essential Watermill fusing of the actor musician with material making The Snow Queen one of the best Christmas Productions here for sometime….. The Christmas show is vital to the well-being of the venue and with this year’s work the team prove that the formula has lots of life to inspire and fill our eyes with wonder.”   REVIEWSGATE.COM


The Stables, Wavendon,
Milton Keynes



The Stables is able to offer something unique – a production with old fashioned family values to delight audiences of all ages.  There’s no Pantomime Dame or nationally recognised star plugging their latest TV programme.  Instead, at the first night performance, we had a joyous evening of traditional storytelling that was comic, magical, riveting, and dare I say it, educational…… The Stables set the standard for intelligent family entertainment and this year they surpassed themselves with a production that will entrance children of all ages and their grannies too.  It is running until January 6th, so forget the repeats on TV and go to see a quality show.”     LEIGHTON BUZZARD ADVERTISER



Southwark Playhouse, Spring 2006


“In a play in which dissembling is the medium and the message, the actors prove ‘there’s no art/To find the mind’s construction in the face” by displaying total physical and vocal clarity.

4 **** Time Out


“The production moves at a considerable lick thanks to the efficiency of the cast of seven and Brereton’s cuts.”       THE TIMES



“Short, sharp clarity is this production’s strong point.  Andy Brereton’s production is clear and intelligent, both Christopher Bowen’s Macbeth and Sarah Groarke’s Lady Macbeth conveying clear understanding of their character’s development. ….. its clarity with the Macbeths makes Brereton’s Southwark Shakespeare a fascinating affair.”                                                                                                              Reviewsgate.com


  Sarah Groarke as Lady Macbeth…. building to a passionate revelation of her character’s sleep torment.  Christopher Bowen (Macbeth) also has moments of genuine thrill, such as when Banquo’s ghost appears to him.  Andy Brereton has made the most of space and directed his cast’s movements adeptly.”  THE STAGE


The New Theatre Royal,
Christmas 2005


An entertaining Arabian night is theatrical magic…. this is a show that draws the weariest of minds irresistibly into its storytelling…

what will most vividly dazzle theatre-goers is the imaginative nature  of the way the story is told”

Portsmouth Evening News


Watermill Theatre, Christmas 2005


well handled terror, conflict and moral dilemmas, as well as laughter and song.  It makes excellent entertainment for bright kids – without in any way being patronising to adults”

4**** The Sunday Times


“The Watermill’s Jungle Book is a hearty home-made version of the Kipling Story”

3*** The Daily Mail


“Director Andy Brereton and the Watermill Theatre are a match made in heaven, particularly at this time of year when the two go together as effectively as the proverbial mince pies and brandy cream.  Following on from last year’s success with The Arabian Nights, Brereton directs The Jungle Book using similar originality and creative techniques to produce the Kipling stories as an artistic, entertaing an imaginative piece of theatre.”    THE STAGE


“the family audience applauded the cast long and loud at the curtain call”                4**** What’s On Stage


Pick of the Week  and Nationwide Choice     THE GUARDIAN


Watermill Theatre, Newbury, July 2005

“With flair, the Watermill has revived a prewar comedy by Jean Anouilh, set in turn-of-the-century Vichy.  Elegantly styled by Gary McCann, there is a touch of Fellini in the director Andy Brereton’s production, which uses actor-musicians to create a charming atmosphere of fantasy.”

3*** The Sunday Times


Nationwide Choice The Guardian


Pick of the Week The Guardian


“This is just the thing for a balmy summer evening; it’s pretty good for a not-so balmy evening too…. The first act sumptuously introduces the characters and trumpets (in more ways than one) the farcical nature of what is to follow.  The staging inside and out is as innovative as ever… This is a rich delight of an evening.”

BBC Radio


“… the comedy is brilliantly and cleverly worked throughout the production.  The Watermill can be confident that it has yet another success on its hands”

Newbury Weekly News


Watermill Theatre, Newbury March 2005


“Written when Arthur Miller was 79, this is one of his greatest and most disturbing plays.  The writing has a muscular realism, with moments, even, of nimble comedy; but it has a powerful undertow, exploring the dark caves of guilt and identity…..  Andy Brereton’s direction is clear and calm, but underneath you feel the earth move.”

John Peter, The Sunday Times 4****


Nationwide Choice The Guardian


Director Andy Brereton has judged the pace to perfection, and keeps our attention all the way throughout what is, essentially, a moral debate.  And he is served brilliantly by his cast of six”  

Rouges and Vagabonds Theatre Website


“Was Miller saying that a racial or religious minority’s inferiority complex feeds upon itself and cuts off its limbs?  These are complex issues in a tough play.  It’s well acted and directed with an ingenious set”

Reading Evening Post


Watermill Theatre, Newbury Christmas 2004


“This pocket sized version of the tale is charm itself.  It is simple straightforward storytelling, done very well.  Andy Brereton conjures camels and furious genies out of smoke and puppetry .  In revealing everything, the magic is all the greater.”       3*** The Guardian


“A great stylish production, never patronising”   BBC Radio 4 Front Row


“Pick of the week”  The Guardian




Minerva Theatre,
Chichester Christmas 2003

“Andy Brereton has directed a children’s play brimming with charm, wit and invention….

The production is an unqualified success”



“The production hits the spot, with the perfect blend of humour and invention, all wrapped up in an enchanting tale”




THE TALES OF THE SEVEN PRINCESSES  Festival Theatre, Chichester


“I could feel a bubbling, concentrated anticipation, which I can only describe as thirst - they were thirsty for stories and ready to drink. Children's creativity takes centre stage when they are involved in bringing stories to life in a theatre.”                                                                                                               


Minerva Theatre, Chichester
Christmas 2002


“Splendidly moral, exciting and cheerful, this adventure at the Minerva entertains old and young alike…. This is an unusually complete  production.  Andy Brereton directs with bravado and understanding of young minds.”   THE STAGE


“Funny, touching, thrilling and enchanting. Director Andy Brereton has certainly achieved his wish for a proper Christmas play for Children”




Minerva Theatre,

Festival Season 2002


Jeremy Kingston’s National choice and Best Show Nationwide for four weeks running



Nationwide Choice



“The playing is so good…. Andy Brereton’s direction so ably creates the feel of the sea washed lives.”



“Andy Brereton’s charming production”



“Smashing performances…. After watching this refreshing and distinctive play the urge to visit the Scillies is almost irresistible.”     DAILY TELEGRAPH


“Andy Brereton’s production ensures impressive ensemble playing, period and atmosphere.  If you can only get to Chichester once this season make Song of the Western Men your imperative.” MID SUSSEX TIMES

“This is one of the best plays I’ve seen in the Minerva in a long while.  It is full of charm, the writing is excellent and the playing impeccable. Do go and see it.”



“But then a softer more wistful comedy takes over, teased out beautifully by Brereton and his strong cast”



Minerva Theatre,
Christmas 2002

“Never have sixty enchanting minutes passed so quickly… A real Christmas cracker and highly recommended.”



“Fantastic and brilliant, brilliant and fantastic. In director Andy Brereton’s expert hands it’s all beautifully done.”




SHANG A LANG   Minerva Theatre, Chichester   Festival Season 2001

Nationwide Choice     THE TIMES


“Andy Brereton’s production vibrates with the kitsch liveliness that has made Seventies retro such a magnet.”LONDON EVENING STANDARD


“Andy Brereton directs with care and panache”   THE STAGE








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